Welcome to the Audio Games Recordings Repository.

The aim of the website is to list audio recordings of people playing Audio Games. The hope is that this will preserve a history of content whether for nostalgic purposes, provide walkthroughs, or to provide an avenue for discovering new and old games.


There has been some interest in donating to this project. There is no requirement and no commitment to having to donate. However, to help with space and bandwidth costs, any donations are very much appreciated. There is a Donation Box form to submit donations. And rest assured, the money donated here will only go to the maintenance of this website and server space and bandwidth costs.

There is an assurance that if donation goals are met monthly, there are no penalties. However, if the cost incurred by excessive bandwidth usage exceeds the donation amount, the authors of the site reserve the right to shut it down for the month as described in the "Important please read" section.

This is a community effort and if the community cannot be responsible for following these guidelines, this project will not continue. Thank you for your understanding and let these recordings live on for all to enjoy!

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Important Please Read

A small website such as this does not have any rules.

The only rule is to please refrain from mass downloading all of the files available here. Using automated tools such as scripts, Curl, Wget, etc for the automating of downloads is strongly discouraged.

In other words, if you use the website as normal, downloading few files and listening to them at a time is perfectly fine and is why this site exists.

In the event this request is not honored, the files will be blocked from being downloaded for the remainder of a month the violation takes place. Example, on June 10 we notice people mass downloaded files, the files will not download for the remainder of June. They will be back in July.

A Note to Content Creators

An archive of recordings from a number of content creators has been provided here. We do not intend to steal content from creators. If you, a creator, has a problem with us hosting and listing content here, please feel free to contact us.

Contacting Us

You can now contact us using this contact form. Send us suggestions, recordings, or feedback about this project.

You can also contact us through this post on the Audio Games forum. Just post a reply if you have an account and we'll see it.

If you want to increase this collection, we're happy to talk to you about missing content, or if you want to record your own content.

Archive updates

If you wish to see what is new with the archive, you can go here.

Please Support These Creators

We appreciate you checking out this website. However, before anything, we feel it important to point you to where many of these creators originally host their content so that you may support them.

If you are a creator and you wish your content-hosting platform is listed, please contact us.

This listing only includes content sources that currently exist and are live.

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